Broadly the checkweigher system is nothing but the weighing of the packed product in moving state. 

The checkweigher is applicable in almost all types of industries like Food, FMCG, Chemicals, Cement & Pharmaceutical industries.

By weighing the packed product, it ensures that the correct weight of the product is delivered to the end user.  It also helps for ensuring the losses due to give away, as per the stringent quality norms of the industries.

   Typical applications are  
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In this sector, the checkweigher can be integrated in the cartonator line.  The cartons will be consisting of multiple / single stripe of tablets / capsules, the leaflet of the product.  The checkweigher checks the filled weight of the pack and classifies for missing or excess stripe or leaflet.
  • It can also be useful for the small bottles – like of eye drop, packed in the cartons.
  • In the FMCG sector, the checkweigher systems can be integrated in line – before or after packing, for knowing the weight of the packs.  Examples are like Noodle line, soap line, cake, personnel care units such as shaving razor packs.
  • Food Industries: In this sectors the large application can be catered, such as Tea packs, Coffee pack / bottle, Bakery units, Confectionary, Ready to Eat industry, Atta.
  • Cosmetics: For evaluating the packs  for filled / half filled / empty packs of personnel cares like Shaving cream & Beauticare.
  • Glass Industry: To check the weight of bottles and segregate the same.
  • Ware House Solution: The checkweigher can be used as good Ware House Solution, where in the integration with bar code reader and ink jet printer can be useful for final despatch record.
  • Feedback Control System: The OptiWeigh Checkweigher systems are having in built facility for integration with auger filler system to take the corrective action while filing the packs. This is termed as Feedback Control system or Tendency Control System. The feedback can be given in different forms like Pulses/gm, sec/gm, volt/gm, mA/gm to suite the application. The typical areas of application are like Tea Powder, Grains, Granules, Powder & Spices.
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